This website contains articles that talk about different ways of approaching the healing process, whether as a survivor of childhood and/or adult abuse, or as a therapist. In fact, it seeks anyone looking for different options that might help to get unstuck or perhaps think in a new way and with a new perspective. Articles are not in any way intended to be used as therapy but as an educational tool that might help those looking for such.

I am a retired Therapist, (I am not Multiple) and have worked many years with severely emotionally disturbed, physically,sexually and psychologically abused children, teenagers and adults.

Some articles are a reflection of old and new experiences with clients I have worked with and learned from.

The title of this website: YOU HURT MY HURT came to me over twenty years ago when I was working in an Acute Locked Residential Facility for Children and Adolescents. It became obvious to me then how possible it is when seeking to help and heal,we can,instead, place more hurt onto a present one by errors and mistakes that add pain and suffering to an already hurting heart.

The articles under The Healing Process, are perhaps,an attempt to come to terms with my past mistakes and at the same time maybe offer some thought-provoking concepts or ideas for others to examine.

The poems were written with, or for, certain of my clients or friends in mind.

The biographical entries speak from my own story and share personal experiences of having my Hurts hurt.

A steady diet of morbidity would give one mental and emotional indigestion, so under The Other Side, I will be posting entries that are in a lighter vein not specifically relevant to hurt Hurts.
They are, never-the-less, part of the healing process (mine).

Just as it is my philosophy that I do not wish to be so heavenly-minded I’m no earthly use, by the same token, I do not wish to be so Hurt-minded I lose my sense of humor or love for all that is not remotely connected to Hurt.

BALANCE is vital in all things – especially where the delicate intermesh of soul, mind and body determines the difference between healthy, enjoyable, rich living and relationships and permanently crippled stumbling through one shadowed wilderness after another.

My personal motto is, ” Love is stronger than hate, Light is stronger than Darkness and Good is stronger then evil, ” and may these start in the hearts of men ( mine first) spreading through homes, communities, countries, continents until the whole world knows peace and oneness.

It is my hope this website can offer a provoking thought, a recognition of kindred experience – or maybe simply a coffee break diversion.

The objective of this whole website is to bring more awareness to the uninformed about those with Multiplicity (DID), to share my views about the therapy/healing process and to do this by writing from the perspective of an abuse survivor along with my experiences as a Professional and my association with Dissociative multiples.

I would add here that everything written in my blurbs are the result of interaction with friends, strangers, reading, hearing, or seeing something that has stimulated and inspired me to write.
We cannot ever HONESTLY claim our work to be purely OURS – unaffected or uninfluenced by another person and/or object. It is always collaborative, and I am deeply grateful for all who have been a part, awarely or unawarely, in provoking and inspiring me to thought and writing.

All content of this website is copyrighted and no part of it maybe reproduced or copied without permission. It is available in book form and information about that can be found at :


Due to dyslexic spelling, residue from my second advanced cancer assault,there are a number of typos in this book that are not the fault of the publisher who typed exactly as I proofed it. This is not an apology but it will discern the mind set and ability of the reader to look beyond words to the message.

Retired Therapist