Biographical entries



It is impossible to write anything and keep it untainted or uninfluenced by ones own past or present world view. One could posit that there is no such thing as an original thought completely disconnected from anything or anyone else.

However, there is one thing that noone else can replicate since it is impossible for two people to stand in the exact same spot, to experience and feel something with the exact measure, nuance and level of emotion or understanding as another. Thus to write of events biographical brings a certain amount of uniqueness and originality, for Identical twins , nay, Siamese twins joined at the heart and/or brain will not experience their condition in the same way.

There is a measure of vulnerability in sharing pain and events that bring shame, guilt or humiliation but I have been humbled by the sharing of hundreds of men women and children who, in their uniqueness have taught me the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unbelievable odds against them.

Thus, while their stories for the most part, have not been exposed to public perusal, I am always touched to read of those who have more courage than I when they do share their histories of hurt Hurts.

It has moved me to add pages to this site if only to seek to confirm to myself that the Healing Process can, and does, work of its own accord.

I am sharing some of my story here, starting with three letters written in mind only, to Elie Weisel after reading his Book, “Night”.
I also include some Gobbledygooks and Bed Musings most of which were written more recently when seriously ill and some at other times when thoughts were put to paper without censoring but allowed to flow in free stream of consciousness.

The statement in Roses and Thistles,that speaks of, “in the last chapter, Seedling Thoughts to Water”…, refers to my book also, called “You hurt My Hurt”, in which I have compiled what is on this site with a last chapter containing thoughts on many topics to evoke inquiry and consideration.

All entries on this site were written for myself and are not meant to impress or needing acknowledgement from others. If you choose to read or comment, you are welcome. If not, it will not be devastating to me (apart from the fact I won’t know!), for if we live only for the approval or notice of others – on what are we building that we can claim is US ?